About Us


It is such a joy to see the students learn new sewing skills. Their excitement is contagious. The pride they show upon finishing a project warms my heart.

- Monica, Sewing Teacher

I love to sew. I learn to sew bags and to sew my own clothes. Then I learn to sew bed clothes and pillow covers. I learn to hem pants. I learn to sew my own African clothes.

- Nora

I am very happy to come to Holy Cross Family Learning Center and I love to sew. I learned so many thingsfrom here. I am sewing pillow cases, jeans.

- Deuka

I am very happy to come to the sewing classes because I learned to make aprons, bags, small dresses for the kids. I learned how to do alterations and hems. I have just learned how to make button holes. I have a wonderful teacher so I am hoping to learn more from her.

- Menuka

I like computer classs because I can read new words. I learn about vegetables:green beans, onions, potatoes, and cabbages. I see pictures and I match the words.

- Budhi

When I sew, I make beautiful dresses, flannel shirts without a pattern, pants and shirt, blouses, dhakatopi, shola (bag). In sewing class I understand more kinds of items. When Nepali people bring clothes to be repaired, they always want to be first!

- Dil

I like sewing because I work on clothes like jeans and shirts. I also made a pillow in March. The teacher is very nice and patient. Sometimes I repair someone else's clothing on Mondays and Wednesdays. I get paid sometimes.

- Prajapati

Because we come to Holy Cross Family Learning Center we have learned the days of the week, months, tell time, the alphabet, telephone number, address, Social Security Number and computer skills.

- Nangsal, Hari, Bachaspati, Tika, Hanaa, Nar

I learned many things from my English and computer classes at Holy Cross Family Learning Center. Now I can speak, read, and write better English. I'm happy in computer class also. I like typing, games, and words. I thank you all my good teachers.

- Nanda

When I was asked by Sister Jacqueline back in September to teach computer to the immigrants, I quickly responded yes not really knowing what I was getting myself into. Teaching them has been both a blessing and a challenge. Because of their eagerness to learn, it has made it easier to work with them. Learning English on the computer, as well as learning to use the keyboard, has certainly been a challenge for them and they have met the challenge. Each day is a challenge for them and for myself in trying to make learning a fun time for them as well.

- Sr. Anne, Teacher

I have had the pleasure of working at HCFLC for 3 and 1/2 years with advanced students. It has been most rewarding for me as a teacher to advance these students of different cultures to understand and speak and comprehend English. Their genuine appreciation of my efforts makes me happy to there for them.

- Priscilla, Teacher

I feel very fortunate to be employed as an interpreter and ESL teacher at Holy Cross Family Learning Center. I believe everyone-the Sisters of Holy Cross and all the volunteer teachers­ appreciates my way of working with and dealing with the adult students. I have had many opportunities to be involved with different groups and to express my opinions, feelings, and insights about "my people': I am greatly helped by Sister Jacqueline and equally by Sister Diane in so many ways!

- Chura, Interpreter