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Spaghetti Supper, Cultural Fashion and Dance Show

Scheduled for May 11, 2017 starts at 5:30 PM and located at Holy Cross Health Center, 357 Island Pond Rd, Manchester, NH 03109

Tickets can be purchased by calling 622-9250 or by visiting http://hcflcspaghettisupper2017.eventbrite.com.

St. Mary's Bank grant to help learning center


Registrations for the 2016-2017 academic year took place August 22nd, 23rd, and September 6th. Seventy-one students registered -- 25 unduplicated and 46 duplicated students.

To date we have ninety-three registered students with a total of twenty-seven ethnic groups represented.


A few of our ethnic groups represented: Bhutan, India, Mexico, Ukraine, Rwanda, So. Sudan, Iraq, Russia, Haiti, Ethiopia, Dominican Republic



On September 12th, a breakfast Board Meeting was held at Dyn in Manchester whereby outgoing and incoming Board members were thanked and welcomed respectively. An expression of gratitude for members willing to continue their terms were recognized as well. See attached for simple manner that highlighted their service. Voted in were:


Chair Colleen Cowette M5 Marketing
Vice Chair Judi Window St. Mary's Bank
Secretary Sean Doherty Dyn
Kate Balukas Treasurer Berry-Dunn



To expedite the process of CASA testing, CASA pre-testing for new students was scheduled for the week of September 12th. This action was very beneficial and less disruptive once classes resumed September 19, 2016

The skills of the Test Administrator, Shea Hortman, are very beneficial since accurate records are required for submission to the State. To have her on the premises is a great accomplishment since these detailed reports require continuous maintenance.



A sewing workshop was held Tuesday, October 18th and fourteen students - male and female -- signed up In addition to the workshop, some students have shown interest in putting their sewing skills to work for a woman who has a dream project in mind and would like to include the sewing students from the Center. There will be more to be said about this endeavor as time goes on.





For the third year in a row, Walgreen's partnered with HCFLC to administer flu shots. Because of the discrepancy in the number that registered compared to the number of students who actually showed up, the pharmacist offered to return a second day and actually came back on his day off to administer the flu shots to those who may have forgotten. That is, indeed, dedication! The total count was fifty-five.



Sister Jacqueline Verville, CSC Kathy Clairmont posing with the "Touchdown Jesus"

In a continued effort of collaboration, Sister Diane Dupere, Administrative Assistant, and Sister Jacqueline Verville, Executive Director, attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony of the West Side Neighborhood Health Center. It was good to know of the work they do in order to provide the students with good, affordable health care alternatives in the City.

Sister Jacqueline Verville, CSC, Executive Director, was invited by Rev. Sarah Rockwell to speak about HCFLC at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Manchester on Sunday, October 9th. It's always a good sign when people are interested in the ministry in which we are involved and hold dear.

She attended an all-day conference which was held at Pinkerton's Stockbridge Theatre from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the end of October. This event was a celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of Adult Basic Education in New Hampshire. Breakfast and lunch were provided for attendees. We had the opportunity to choose from ten well-chosen topics. It was great to see seven of our volunteer teachers attend as well.

Through an invitation from a professor at Notre Dame University, on November 15th, Sister Jacqueline presented a PowerPoint on November 15th about HCFLC to a class of approximately eighty-five students. She was accompanied by Kathy Clairmont, David Clairmont's mother, who teaches at UND. Kathy is a volunteer teacher at Holy Cross Family Learning Center.



On Wednesday, October 19th, two classes went to Mack's in Londonderry for an apple-picking excursion. We are fortunate enough again this year to have accessed a van from Merchants Auto and a Board member has volunteered to drive for field trips. This is surely a win / win situation for which I am truly grateful.

After having worked with a story from the text "That's Life," two classes visited Skinny's Pizzeria directly across from HCFLC. They manipulated dough, baked the pizza then ate their scrumptious pizza.



A challenge is to determine when to cancel classes for religious holy days. In the past, we have cancelled classes for Dashain, a Hindu feast equivalent to our Christmas, which has a moving date. This year the holy day was on October 11th. Because we have so many ethnic groups and religious traditions, we decided to hold classes for the non-Hindu students. Although attendance was sparse, the teachers conducted their classes with their usual commitment and dedication.



With the assistance of one of the volunteer teachers, we have been able to offer one-on-one tutoring for students who need a bit more help in advancing. So far, this is working out well.


To help first-time voters / new citizens, an effort was made to educate the new citizens with regard to the voting process. Sample ballots for the wards represented were distributed and students were instructed on how to fill in the ballot. One of the volunteer teachers was gracious enough to obtain pertinent information to enhance the teaching / learning process.


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