About Us


With the dawn of each new day, a dream is awakened and wherever / whenever possible, we work at making it come true and collaborate with other agencies working toward the same goals. Examples of collaborative projects / partnering follow:

Although the refugees have not experienced the full stature of the "American Dream," whatever that means, they do maintain a love of the earth and miss the gardening and farming they were so adept at doing in their native land. Unable to plant gardens in the middle of the city, they established community gardens in Goffstown and Bedford. This gives them access to plant home-grown vegetables and sell the produce at various farmers markets in the community.

The Sewing Program has also collaborated with Common Earth Farms in Bedford, NH, where many of our students plant home-grown vegetables and sell their produce at various farmers markets in the community. The students in the sewing program have produced vegetable bags that are sold at the farm. This endeavor is to help eliminate paper or plastic bags to help save the environment. Some of our bags have even reached North Carolina.

Holy Cross Family Learning Center also collaborates with the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary who share warehouse space with the Center and who also access any items deemed useful for the refugees / immigrants whom they also serve.

We also work with the Nepali / Bhutanese community for both hired and volunteer positions at Holy Cross Family Learning Center.

Further collaboration takes place with St. Mary’s Bank, Mr. Thomas Champagne who has presented informative talks about banking.

Attorney Daniel J. Feltes, from NH Legal Assistance, accompanied by Maggie Fogarty, from the American Friends Service Committee arranged for a Tenant/Landlord Rights Workshop. It was most informative and well received by our adults.

The NH Humanities Council provided us with the Book Connections Program where each adult received not only a book, but was provided with the vocabulary and skills required to read the book, as well as activities to accompany this process.

We hope to participate in this great endeavor again. Who of us does not like to receive new books? Each student that participates receives four books that can be kept. It is a most worthwhile program. We thank the NH Humanities Council for providing us with this source.

We have collaborated with MCRC in providing English as a Second Language classes during the 2012-13 year as well as the 2013-14 year.

We have also been provided with Banking Workshops through TD Bank. These two workshops helped many of our students understand the purpose of credit, checks and how to write checks.

We have collaborated in the past with the NH COSH for programs in safety and job training. We hope to repeat this program.

Service Learners from Saint Anselm College are an asset to our program. They are dependable, creative and also take suggestions. It is like a breath of fresh air to experience their youth, their resourcefulness and sense of justice.

The Red Cross came to make a powerpoint presentation last September to describe what a person encounters during a disaster, such as an ice storm, power outage, or blizzards. Information was also presented on making a home emergency kit and what it is like to go to a shelter if evacuation is needed. Finally, information about fire prevention safety was presented.

A healthy collaborative effort was due to the generosity of pharmacists from Walgreen’s located on Main Street . They have been providing flu shots to our adults since 2012-2013 and returned in October 2015. We are most grateful.

A Teacher Workshop was held on September 8th and presented by Christine Powers. Other workshops will be presented on December 8th, January 5, 2017, May 3, 2017 and June 8, 2017.

We are also MOST grateful to the many persons who help sustain this program through their donations of any kind. You are remembered in daily prayer.

Our greatest and best collaboration is with our own twenty-five or more volunteer retired teachers and substitutes who tell us they receive more than they give. Without them none of the teaching at Holy Cross Family Learning Center would ever be a reality! We are most grateful for their untiring and dedicated service.